浜寺公園駅 駅舎及び駅前交通広場等 計画コンペ

Hamadera Kouen Station Plaza Planning Competition / 浜寺公园站 驿舍和火车站前广场 设计比赛

The area around Hamadera Park Station is home to Hamadera Park, the oldest public park in the area, and Hamadera Park Station, designed by Tatsuno Kingo, which has prospered since the Meiji era as a symbol of modern Japan.This proposal considers the east-west axis connecting the waterfront of Osaka Bay, Hamadera Park, and Hamadera Park Station to be the symbolic axis of the region, and proposes a concept for future urban development while inheriting the historical and cultural values of the region.
  • Location:大阪府 / Osaka, JAPAN / 日本・大阪

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