蘇州 珠江路

Suzhou ZhuJiang Road / 苏州 珠江路

ZhuJiang Road is a 7.2 km long arterial road running through High-tech District in Suzhou City. High-tech District has a high technology industry, scientific and technological development, conventions, tourism and recreational activities as well as a high The goal is to build a new city with quality residential functions and a blend of modern and traditional culture. ZhuJiang Road is the main north-south axis of the High-tech District. In terms of transportation, the LRT runs through the east and west sides of the Hi-Tech District, which will introduce a new transportation function in China. The project is a recreational roadway design that incorporates large parks and rivers along the roadway.
珠江路是一条贯穿苏州市高新区的干道,全长7.2公里。 高新区拥有高新技术产业、科技开发、会展、旅游休闲活动以及高 目标是建设一个具有优质居住功能、融合现代与传统文化的新城。 珠江路是高新区的南北主轴线。 在交通方面,LRT(快速公交系统)贯穿高新区东西两侧,将引入中国新的交通功能。 该项目。 同时,项目还结合了沿线大型公园、河流,以及沿线居民生活的休闲性。 这已经成为一种道路设计。
  • LOCATION:中国・蘇州 / Suzhou, CHINA / 中国・苏州
  • AREA:7.2km


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