蘇州 金鶏湖大道

Suzhou Jinjilake Avenue / 苏州 金鸡湖大道

The environmental design project of the road scenery based on the concept of a new-styled entertainment of urban resort, with the total length of 13.8km located in the area of Suzhou Industrial Park which leads Chinese high-tech industry. Approaching a potentiality for the road design to make the future as an international city, the unified design, modern and high-quality is adopted into street lightings, signboards, pavement design, bus stops etc. The landscaping is also intended to co-exist with the greenery in urban areas and the nature as an environmental model case in Suzhou Industrial Park.
在引领中国高科技产业发展的苏州工业园区,以新的都市型休闲度假区为主轴,全长13.8km的道路景观设计。 挖掘与国际化都市相配的,可让人触摸到未来的道路设计潜能。对道路照明,标识,地面铺装,公交车站等进行统一设计,实现具有现代感的高品质的道路设计。 此外,作为引领新风尚的苏州工业园区的环境模式,也力求创造出能够体现都市和自然和谐共生的景观。
  • LOCATION:中国・蘇州 / Suzhou, CHINA / 中国・苏州
  • AREA:13.8km

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