ANETOS corporation

Representative Director: SHUJI KAMIKADO

Corporate History

1988 --- established GFP Corporation
1995 --- Changed company name to ANETOS Corporation


Tokyo head office :  2-16-22 Mejiro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tsukuba design office :  Kenkyu gakuen, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki, Japan

Registered No.

・Registration of Constructing Consultant (Urban and Regional Planning) No. 6366 Reg. by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
・First Class Architect Office, No. 51278 Reg. by the Governor of Tokyo

Belonging to:

The City Planning Institute of Japan
Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture
Japan Society of Traffic Engineers

Work Contents

Landscape Design
・Consulting and design work involved in all landscape including urban landscape.

Architectural Design
・Architectural and facility design integrated with landscape.

Consulting work for research/analysis/concept of urban and local planning
・Urban construction and regeneration, land utilization, urban transportation and landscape formation.
・Surveys on urban and residential environment development and improvement.
・Tourism and recreation planning.

Art Production
We actively introduce arts and cultural activities, to consider the function of environment and space from the artistic points of view.


Our Vision

We provide the design best suited for the planning area with composite perspective of "urban" "architecture" and "landscape" by analytically exploring the environmental amenity (anetos is a Greek word, origin of the word "amenity") for people and framework and system of communities.

Visibility of architectures in the city and unity with the landscape is the most important factors to be considered in architectural design.Our mission is to provide comfortable, high-quality environment that would stay familiar to many people permanently, not by individual design of each element but through the analysis of conditions of the site such as culture, history, geography and ecological system from diverse angles.

Our Design

In designing, we think of "people", "space" and "time".We realize space design being not only functional for people but well-balanced with the blend of both modern and universal design.

In landscape design that deals with live greenery, our rich experience and practical achievements will be fully demonstrated. We offer the best plan that makes good use of greenery to integrate architecture and landscape, while giving consideration to sustainability to keep the space beautiful and pleasant after construction as well.

Our Creativity

We've been developing many projects overseas, and by being receptive to various ideas and information updated everyday in Tokyo where tradition, culture and modernity coexist, we are able to keep quality of our plans high and elaborate, and to provide them promptly to our clients.


International Urban Planning Competition for Miyajimaguchi Area, Excellence Award [hiroshima, Japan]

International Competition for Landscape Design of Jinan Xueye lake Cultural Resort, Grand Prize [Shandong, China]

International Competition for Environmental Design of Zhongxin Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Grand Prize [Jiangsu, China]

International Competition for Landscape Design of Suzhou Jinji Lake Avenue, Grand Prize [Jiangsu, China]

International Competition for Landscape Design of Jinji Lake Resort Complex, Grand Prize [Jiangsu, China]

International Competition for Landscape Design of Shenzhen Bay, Honorable Mention [Guangdong, China]

International Competition for Urban Redevelopment of Shenzhen Renmin-Nan District, Honorable Mention [Guangdong, China]

Yokohama City Nagayamon Park, Award for Art Work by Agency for Cultural Affairs (partial participation) [Kanagawa, Japan]

Atsugi City Central Area Development Competition, Grand Prize (Group Participation) [Kanagawa, Japan]


東京都豊島区目白2-16-22 5F
2-16-22-5F Mejiro,Toshima-ku,Tokyo,JAPAN
Phone: +81 03 3980 5562